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What makes Mission Command work?

Written by on 18 October 2010

Mission Command is a powerful implementation methodology that harnesses the total capability of your organisation through inclusion and empowerment. However, Mission Command does not exist in isolation, it requires leadership that builds cultures of trust and commitment. Organisations have to believe in empowerment, risk taking and commitment to the pursuit of a defined organisational goal.

Empowering the organisation

Empowering people is more than the diffusion of power or the abdication of responsibility. It requires individuals to engage and become committed to delivering the organisation’s aims. To develop an empowered organisation, you need leaders who are able to motivate, engage and support people, leaders who build trust among people and the organisation and leaders who understand the benefits of developing and training individuals to perform better, understand the benefits of obtaining competitive advantage through risk taking and are willing to support individuals even if they fail.

Risk and reward of Mission Command

Empowering people to act and to make decisions on behalf of the wider organisation requires risk-taking. Trusting people to make decisions on your behalf requires the acceptance of risk, to you as an individual and to the organisation as a whole. This approach requires a long-term view; leaders and organisations must understand the benefits of engaging the wider capabilities of the organisation.

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