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Are the ‘Occupy’ protests the beginning of a new political and economic movement?

Written by on 19 October 2011

A growing number of broadcast channels are beginning to pay attention to the ‘Occupy’ protests. These are groups of individuals who are occupying financial sites such as Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange. The protests have been inspired by the growing feeling of social injustice which the international financial crisis has begun to impose through rising taxation, falling living standards and the widespread cutting of social services.

However, what makes this movement different is the mix of individuals who are taking part. These are not the fringe elements of society but rather the middle classes, many of which are not from the traditional protest profile.

On Tuesday 18th October, the BBC Newsnight program interviewed the American film-maker Michael Moore. See the interview here.

A key point to acknowledge is that a single voice has not yet been found and the specific crystallisation of demands has not yet formed. Perhaps what is more surprising is that without this articulated agenda, so many people have been willing to take part in co-ordinated social action.

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