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Are your business leaders up to the task?

Written by on 27 September 2010

Getting the right leader for business is critical to delivering success. However, we need to look closer at the selection process and what we are actually selecting leaders for.

What does business want?

All businesses have a lifecycle. There is a substantial difference between managing an organisation that is relatively steady with little volatility in it’s key markets and those businesses that survive in highly complex or volatile environments that enquire continuous innovations.

Getting the right horse for the course

Selecting a leader that is right for the business requires understanding organisational culture and finding individuals that resonate with that culture, whilst aligning these attributes with the next stage of business transformation. The role of finding business leaders that can bridge the gap between where the business is today and where it needs to go, has traditionally been filled by executive selection and search recruitment companies.

Can you trust other people to select and recruit your business leader?

If we acknowledge that leadership is critical in the performance of a business, we also need to examine who is best placed to select future leaders. The use of third parties, such as specialist recruitment companies, can be extremely useful provided they understand the culture of the existing organisation along with a deep understanding of the change management process.

Transformation in contact

Introducing a new leader into an established business operation often involves significant change. This change can signal future intentions, such as transforming the core focus of the business. However, if this process is not carefully managed, it can have a huge impact on the operational performance of the current business. Leaders, who can manage the transformation process, whilst retaining organisational commitment, often find the secrets within the current organisational culture paradigm. In short, effective leadership cannot be divorced for organisational culture management.

Does change need to be so difficult?

Most individuals would acknowledge that change can be hard. Often, business leadership utilises narrow financial measures to initiate and deliver change. Although restructuring an organisation can deliver radical change, a closer look at the performance of the business may suggest that the benefits can be challenged by poorer operational performance. A lack of understanding regarding the importance of engagement, with the softer skills within a business, can highlight the comparative little leadership and change management which the average business leaders gain throughout their professional career education.

Secret to choosing a business leader

Understanding where your business is and where it is going, is important to making sure that you select a leader who reflects the qualities the organisation wants to communicate. It is also important that the business leaders selected are experienced in changing peoples view of an organisation. These individuals will understand the importance of culture and be experienced at leveraging the huge potential of culture in order to achieve the organisational goals.

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