The Business Command team continues to conduct research alongside military and business practitioners, extending our insight and knowledge as to how to create an effective bridge between the public and private sectors.

Our research program focuses on key competences and framework principles which enable organisations to lead, make effective decisions, empower others and create high performing teams even in the most challenging environments.

Our research examines a number of high performing individuals whom have experience of working in both the military and business community. This work highlights the methods and principles that produce effective change management systems, incorporate empowerment and the development of high performance teams. Leadership and decision making are resonating themes and the Business Command team has produced a number of articles, paper submissions and held conferences in these critical areas.

If you are interested in our research program or would like to participate in our research process, please complete the form below. In the meantime, we would like to encourage those interested in our research, to download a selection of the papers and publications which we have had published.

We’ve included the ‘Abstract’ for each paper below, so please feel free to download and read them at your leisure. If you would like to receive the paper in it’s entirety, simply complete the form below detailing which paper you require, and we’ll be sure to send it over to you.

Crossing the Void (PDF)

Hearts and Minds (PDF)

Leadership and Culture (PDF)

Understanding Leadership and Culture (PDF)

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